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Contracts have many important components but over my years of practice, there is one main reason why people end up in court. The reason is...

... non-performance...

that was obvious, right?


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Many prospective clients call my office claiming they have been defrauded and want to explore their legal remedies. This seems to be exceptionally common in a sales context (specifically car sales) though not always.

A typical consultation goes like this:


Attorney Danya Shakfeh of Illinois explains what a demand letter is, who sends and receives them, and what to when if get one. If you are interested in most legal tips, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel.

A couple of months ago, a new client approached our firm telling me that he had filed a new lawsuit but the case kept getting dismissed by the other side (the defendant). The client switched attorneys and hired me replacing his previous attorney. I filed a new amended complaint. Sure enough, the other side files another motion to dismiss. This time, the defendant LOST and the case will now move forward. A far more seasoned colleague commented 'you have already achieved what last lawyers on this case could not.' This is a Shakfeh Law success. This is how our firm sticks out.

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Here is another FREE resource perfect for new and existing businesses. If you have an idea in the making but need to share it, make sure you have those who are receiving sensitive information sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We have just uploaded a sample in our free resources section.

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