State Regulatory Compliance Lawyer

Defending Your Business and Professional Reputation

One of the most frustrating parts of doing business can be ensuring that your company complies with all of Florida’s state regulations. If you’re a small business owner in particular, it can be all too easy to violate a state ordinance without even realizing you are doing it. If you have fallen into a situation in which you’ve violated a Florida state regulatory compliance order or have been accused of doing so, contact Shakfeh Law immediately to help ensure that your business stays open and your reputation is not damaged.

Different Types of State Regulation

Attorney Abraham Shakfeh has worked with clients throughout the state of Florida who have been accused of violating state regulations. Whether you are a restaurant facing health code violations or a business accused of breaching environmental codes, Shakfeh Law can help.

Other types of state regulations that attorney Abraham Shakfeh can assist with include compliance surrounding mining permits, zoning and land use permits, construction issues, health code issues, and worker’s rights issues.

Ways Shakfeh Law Can Help

Depending upon your unique case, attorney Abraham Shakfeh may be able to help your business create an efficient and effective path toward regulatory compliance that will satisfy the state. If your business is facing high fines or is at immediate risk of being closed down, Shakfeh Law may be able to negotiate with the appropriate state board on your behalf or take your case to court. Whether you have inadvertently violated a regulatory compliance order or have been falsely accused of doing so, attorney Abraham Shakfeh can help you assess your situation and provide you with sound legal counsel with regard to the best way to proceed.

To discuss your compliance situation with attorney Abraham Shakfeh personally, schedule a consultation by calling (813) 228-0101. During your consultation you will have the opportunity to sit one-on-one with attorney Shakfeh, have your questions answers, and begin planning your case.