Commercial Litigation and Consumer Rights Services

Dependable Legal Help for Individuals and Businesses

The commercial litigation attorneys at Shakfeh Law, Ltd. are fully equipped to provide professional legal counsel to both individuals and businesses looking to protect their rights. With a range of experience covering everything from consumer rights to contracts, the business litigation lawyers at Shakfeh Law can provide clients with in-depth knowledge of the legal systems in both Illinois and Florida and advise clients regarding the strength of their cases.

Speak Directly with an Experienced Attorney

Whether you’re pursuing a legal outcome in Florida or Illinois, Shakfeh Law is the ideal consumer rights law firm to handle your case. When you work with Shakfeh Law, you won’t spend your time talking to a paralegal or a staff member who can’t provide you with solid insight. Instead, you’ll get one-on-one time with your attorney to have all of your questions answered, the process of your case explained, and sound legal counsel dispensed.

Danya Shakfeh and Abraham Shakfeh are well known in their legal circles for providing clients with easily understood advice and strong counsel. They are respected both as a business litigation firm and as individuals for their dedication to quality service and professional counsel.

Contact Shakfeh Law to Arrange Your Personal Consultation

If you’re not sure where to begin and would like immediate counsel, contact the appropriate Shakfeh Law office today to discuss your case. The firm offers full consultations with a practicing attorney for a one-time fee.

Call (630) 517-5529 today to schedule a consultation with the firm’s Illinois office or dial (813) 228-0101 to speak with a lawyer from the Florida branch.