Professional License Defense Attorney

Protecting Your License from Permanent Revocation

Your professional license is more than just an accolade on your resume. It’s the legal stipulation that you need in order to practice your chosen profession and maintain your livelihood. When your license comes into jeopardy, it can have a detrimental effect on your reputation and your ability to continue in your career path. Don’t let an accusation by your state agency keep you from performing the work that you love. Contact Shakfeh Law’s Florida office as soon as your professional license is threatened to help ensure that your reputation is maintained and your license is protected.

Professional license defense attorney, Abraham Shakfeh, works with a variety of professionals who are at risk of losing their licenses for any number of reasons. Quite frequently, state regulatory agencies threaten to take away professional licenses due to simple misunderstandings that can be resolved with the help of an experienced lawyer. In other cases, unfounded accusations are at the root of the problem, and these can also be cleared up with the help of professional legal representation.

Seek Legal Help and Move Forward

Whether you are a licensed medical professional, real estate agent, accountant, or some other type of professional under the eye of a state regulatory board, Shakfeh Law, Ltd. can help see you through your professional license defense, providing you with the attention to detail and personal service that you will need. With Abraham Shakfeh as your lawyer, you will have a dedicated partner to help you negotiate with your board, accurately fill out any paperwork, and take your case to court if necessary.

Contact Shakfeh Law today to learn more about Abraham’s experience as a professional license defense attorney or to schedule an in-office consultation today by calling (813) 228-0101. Whenever you come into the Shakfeh Law office, you will be treated with the respect and personal attention that you deserve. Learn more about our practice and what sets Shakfeh Law apart by arranging your initial consultation now.