Civil Disputes Lawyers

Pursuing Resolution to Legal Conflicts through Negotiation
At the Shakfeh Law office in Illinois, civil disputes are among the most common cases that the firm oversees. A civil dispute can manifest in a number of different ways, and attorney Danya Shakfeh has years of experience handling all types of civil cases, both in court and through negotiation. Whether you’re a plaintiff in a case or a defendant, the attorneys at Shakfeh Law believe that everyone deserves their day in court, including professional representation.

Types of Civil Dispute Cases Shakfeh Law Handles

Contract Disputes – Contract disputes are among the most common legal disputes and usually occur when one party listed in the contract does not hold up their end of the contract. If you find yourself in this situation, Shakfeh Law can advocate on your behalf and advise you as to whether or not you have grounds for a lawsuit.

Unjust Enrichment – This occurs when one party benefits at another party’s expense. If you agree to perform a task in exchange for something, for example, and the person you make the agreement with does not do what they promised, you may have cause to sue for unjust enrichment. Even if you don’t have a formal contract in place, attorney Danya Shakfeh may be able to negotiate on your behalf to right the injustice done to you.

The civil dispute lawyers at Shakfeh Law strive to handle all cases as peacefully as possible, but our attorneys are prepared to go to court when necessary to defend our clients’ rights. Contact the Illinois Shakfeh Law office today by calling (630) 517-5529 to learn more about our legal services or to schedule your initial consultation.