Illinois Consumer Rights and Business Litigation

The Illinois office of Shakfeh Law, Ltd. is run by Danya Shakfeh. Throughout the courts in which she practices, Danya is known for being a friendly, respectful person and an extremely talented lawyer.

When you work with attorney Danya Shakfeh, you’ll experience a level of personal service and attention to detail not found at other law firms. Danya and her team are experienced at handling a wide variety of civil and business legal matters. Whether you’re an individual who is being sued or a business in need of professional contract formation, Shakfeh Law can provide you with the legal resources that you need while treating you with the respect and consideration you deserve.

Types of legal disputes handled by the Illinois office of Shakfeh Law include:

Civil Disputes – Shakfeh Law can advocate on your behalf if you are involved in a legal dispute with an individual or business.

Business Disputes -The firm can provide you with counsel and representation if your business is involved in a legal matter.

Business Law – Whether you need assistance with a contract, business agreement, or corporate formation, Shakfeh Law can present you with legal strategies that are efficient and expedient.

Debtor’s Rights – If you feel that a credit card company has violated your rights or that you’ve been subjected to unfair debt collection practices, know that Shakfeh Law is well-versed in the laws surrounding debtor’s rights and can offer you immediate legal help.

Contract Negotiation & Contract Formation – Whether you’re in need of personal contracts or business contracts, Shakfeh Law can provide you with contract review and drafting services.

Consumer’s Rights – Shakfeh Law can provide you with counsel if you feel that you’ve been deceived out of money or purchased a product or service that you’ve found to be faulty.

Employment Law & Contracts – Know your rights as an employee and as an employer. Shakfeh Law can also draft employment law contracts on your behalf.

Discover Your Legal Options by Consulting a Knowledgeable Lawyer

Whatever your legal matter may be, working with an Illinois consumer rights attorney such as Danya Shakfeh can expedite your legal matters and grant you greater peace of mind. Shakfeh Law can provide you with a personal consultation and help you discover what legal options may be appropriate for your case. Call (630) 517-5529 now to schedule your consultation or fill out the quick contact form and an attorney from the Illinois office will respond to your request shortly.