Florida Civil Disputes

Helping Clients Resolve Their Claims Expediently

Civil disputes happen every day in Florida and can be extremely frustrating for the parties involved. Whether you have a small claim against another individual (under $10,000) or something much larger, attorney Abraham Shakfeh can help you establish your legal case and recover any assets that you are owed. With Shakfeh Law, you can benefit from legal counsel regarding your case, help with the necessary paperwork, and representation both in and out of court.

Civil disputes can take many forms but usually involve a disagreement over a contract between two parties. The contract may be written or verbal, and disputes usually occur when one party fails to uphold their end of the bargain. For example, you might want to go to court over a contract dispute involving your apartment lease or over an item that was sold to you by another individual such as a used car. Disputes usually end up being monetary, but may begin over the late completion of work or a job poorly done.

When to Speak to an Attorney About Your Civil Dispute

Florida civil disputes can range widely in depth and scope. If you’re headed to small claims court, you may be able to effectively represent yourself before the judge and state your case. However, even if your dispute is not for a great deal of money, it’s probably worth your while to speak to an attorney before going to court. Having the insight and guidance of an experienced lawyer can prepare you before you enter the courtroom.

If, on the other hand, you are involved in a conflict over a large sum of money, you should speak with attorney Abraham Shakfeh immediately. As a knowledgeable lawyer, Abraham Shakfeh will take the time to review your case, address your questions, and help you develop a legal strategy that is in-line with your objectives. Throughout the entire process, attorney Abraham Shakfeh will serve as your advocate and do all that he can to resolve your dispute expediently.

If you’d like to learn more about the civil dispute services offered by Shakfeh Law, Ltd., please call the Florida office at (813) 228-0101 to arrange your personal consultation.