Florida Office Services

Providing Valuable Legal Assistance to Businesses and Individuals in the Tampa Bay Area

Attorney Abraham Shakfeh and his professional team have helped countless clients, both individuals and businesses, understand and fight for their legal rights. Whether you’re an individual involved in a contract dispute with your employer or a business struggling with state regulatory compliance, Shakfeh Law can provide you with the legal guidance and professional service that you need. Unlike other Florida attorneys,

Abraham Shakfeh meets with clients personally and gives them the individual attention that they deserve. Make sure that your case is handled professionally and efficiently by working with Shakfeh Law, Ltd.

Types of cases currently handled by the Florida office of Shakfeh Law include:

Civil Disputes – Attorney Abraham Shakfeh can provide you with counsel and representation if you become embroiled in a dispute with an employer, landlord, business, or another individual.

Commercial Disputes – If you are involved in a conflict with a vendor or a service provider, Shakfeh Law can work on behalf of your company to ensure that the dispute is resolved quickly and satisfactorily.

Professional License Defense – Professionals at risk of losing their licenses for whatever reason can turn to Shakfeh Law for legal counsel and defense. Help protect your livelihood and your professional reputation by working with an experienced attorney who can represent your case fairly and aggressively.

State Regulatory Compliance – If your business has been accused of falling short of a state regulatory compliance, Abraham Shakfeh can work with your company to help see that the issue is resolved, giving your business a better chance of avoiding penalties and keeping its doors open.

Bankruptcy Law (Chapter 7 and Chapter 13) – If you have fallen on difficult economic times, Shakfeh Law can counsel you regarding Florida bankruptcy law and, if necessary, negotiate on your behalf in court.

Help ensure that your legal matters are handled professionally and effectively by scheduling an initial consultation with the Florida branch today. Attorney Abraham Shakfeh will meet with you personally and do everything within his power to help you understand your rights and to pursue an appropriate legal outcome. Call (813) 228-0101 today or complete the quick, online contact form to arrange your appointment.