Do you offer free consultations?
Shakfeh Law does not offer free consultations. However, the fee and value of our consultation is very competitive.

Can I speak with the attorney directly?
If you are not a client of Shakfeh Law and would like to speak with an attorney directly, you will need a consultation. Once you become a client of Shakfeh Law, our clients have direct access to our attorneys. Our attorneys provide their direct emails to our clients and are happy to return any calls our clients make to the office.

How much do you consultations cost and what do they include?
Our consultation fee is $100. The fee includes a review of preliminary documents, a 30-minute personal session with the attorney, and follow-up contact and basic research needed for your case. If you retain us, we apply the consultation fee amount to your first invoice.

What should I bring to a consultation?
The type of documents you will need to bring will vary by your case:

Breach of contract: Bring the contract and recent or relevant previous written communications with the other party

Debt defense: Bring your summons and complaint

Consumer fraud protection: Bring anything you have signed, invoices, and previous written communications you have had with the other party

Employment law: Bring your employment handbook, particularly any portions that discuss the process of termination and if applicable, bring your employment contract.

All other cases: Bring any relevant contracts, previous written communications with the other party, and court documents.
Lastly, because every case is unique, feel free to bring whatever you think is important to your case and our attorneys will be happy to look at them.

If I contact you through your website or call your office, when should I expect to hear back from your office?
Our typical turn around time is one business day.

What is your fee structure? Do you offer a flat fee?
We typically charge an hourly rate of $175-$225. The hourly rate is determined based on the attorney’s experience and the degree of skill required for the case. In some cases, we do offer a flat fee. However, because every case is unique, a flat fee is difficult to determine and an hourly rate tends to be most efficient.

What if I can’t afford your services but really need an attorney?
Shakfeh Law offers interest fee payment plans.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept credit cards (Visa, Discover, and MasterCard), check, and cash.

What happens after I hire Shakfeh Law?
Once you sign our Legal Services Agreement and provide the appropriate retainer (if applicable), you are considered a client of Shakfeh Law. For review drafting a contract, the attorneys stay in constant contact with the client to ensure all matters are covered. The attorneys usually have contracts drafted within a 7-10 days. In cases where is “the other side,” our attorneys will try first to settle with the other party. Otherwise, the case may proceed to court. Because every case is unique, there is no way to predict the duration or outcome of a case. However, our attorneys do everything in their power to ensure that the process is smooth as possible.