llinois Employment Law and Contract Attorneys

Helping Employees Understand their Rights and Receive Fair Treatment

Employment law exists to help protect your rights within the workplace. Whether you’re moving up in your career or feel that you are being unfairly treated by your company, knowing your rights as an employee can help you receive the fair wages and treatment that you deserve.

Contact Shakfeh Law, Ltd. right away if you’re considering a new employment contract or if you think you might’ve been subject to unfair treatment in the workplace. The firm can also help you if you think you may have been subjected to unfair hiring practices.

Employment Law Contracts

If you are accepting a new position and are looking for Illinois employment law attorneys to go over your agreement, look no further than Shakfeh Law. Attorney Danya Shakfeh has helped countless clients protect their rights and has made sure that many employees are treated fairly by their employers. The firm can help you negotiate a contract or provide you with legal guidance regarding noncompete clauses (also known as a noncompete covenant) after your employment ends.

Defense against Employment Discrimination

Shakfeh Law can also assist you if you feel that you’ve been subject to discrimination in the workplace. Whether you feel that you’ve been fired without cause, sexually harassed, unfairly passed over for raises, or otherwise mistreated by your employer, attorney Danya Shakfeh can help you understand the terms of your employment and whether or not you might have a legal case against your workplace.

Types of employment discrimination that Shakfeh Law can assist with include:

  • sex discrimination
  • pregnancy discrimination
  • disability discrimination
  • workplace injuries
  • employer abuse
  • unsafe working conditions

If you have questions about legal practices within your workplace, know that few other employment law lawyers in Illinois can offer the same level of personal service and attention to detail provided by attorney Danya Shakfeh. To arrange your personal consultation with Shakfeh Law, simply call (630) 517-5529 or complete the quick contact form at your convenience.