Illinois Debtor’s Rights Lawyers

Protecting Debtors from Unlawful Collection Practices

In the United States debtor’s rights encompasses a wide variety of laws and statutes that are set in place to help protect consumers — people who buy products or services – from unlawful collection practices. Types of situations that can fall under debtor’s rights law include unfair debt and creditor harassment. Illinois debtor’s rights lawyers like Danya Shakfeh help ensure that clients understand their constitutional rights under state and federal law and provide people with a course of legal action if their rights are violated.

Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense – In some cases, a credit card company or collector may file a lawsuit against you to collect payment for debt that you owe. If you are subject to a debt collection lawsuit, it is important that you work with an experienced lawyer who can protect your rights both in and out of court. Attorney Danya Shakfeh can take immediate action to resolve your lawsuit and will work with your creditors on your behalf.

Unfair Debt Collection – Credit card companies, banks, and businesses must follow strict rules when trying to collect debts from consumers. If you’ve fallen behind on your credit card payments, for example, and your credit card company is using abusive or deceptive practices to try and obtain your payment, you may have a debtor’s rights case. Attorney Danya Shakfeh can also assist you if a company is trying to collect an unlawful payment that you should not have to pay.

Creditor Harassment – Anytime credit card companies or other types of collectors set out to obtain a debt, they must adhere to the laws clearly outlined in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, a piece of federal legislation that protects all consumers. If collectors violate this Act by calling you continually, issuing threats, or engaging in menacing behavior, immediate legal action can be taken by Shakfeh Law on your behalf to stop the harassment once and for all.

If you believe that you have a debtor’s rights case, contact Shakfeh Law, Ltd. to seek insight from experienced attorney, Danya Shakfeh. Few other Illinois debtor’s rights law firms provide the level of respect and personal attention found at Shakfeh Law, Ltd. Attorney Danya Shakfeh and her team work tirelessly to ensure that every client is represented professionally and aggressively throughout the duration of their case.

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