Contract Negotiation and Formation Lawyer

Ensuring Your Contracts are Legal and Valid

Whether you realize it or not, you’re most likely a party in a number of different contracts right now. You might have a contract for your employment, your apartment lease, or for business agreements or transactions. Contracts can be either written or oral, and it’s important to understand your rights whenever entering into a new agreement.

A number of different online providers offer templates for legal contracts, and while such templates can be a good starting place, they frequently do not adhere to state law and are often not upheld in court. If you have one of these contracts in place and need to go to court to defend it, you might find that the contract doesn’t actually protect you at all.

This is why it’s so important to speak to an experienced attorney whenever you enter into or create a new contract. Attorney Danya Shakfeh has helped countless clients draft and review both individual and business contracts, providing clients with the peace of mind that their agreements are legal and valid.

Contract Formation Services

Forming a new contract can be a complicated process. Contract law is vast and unwieldy, making it extremely important to have your contract drafted by a competent attorney. With Danya Shakfeh as your contract negotiation lawyer, you’ll be able to form a business or personal contract that will hold up in court and provide you with the legal protection that you need.

Contract Review Services

If an employer, business, or landlord is asking you to sign a contract that you have questions about, Attorney Danya Shakfeh can assist you with this as well. The firm can help ensure that your contract is fair and legal before you sign anything that might compromise your well-being or personal rights. Attorney Danya Shakfeh can also make sure that any major loopholes or violations of Illinois state law are corrected.

Contact Shakfeh Law before signing any major contract to help ensure that you and your assets are fully protected. Call now the Illinois branch at (630) 517-5529 to schedule your initial consultation so you have the opportunity to discuss your concerns one-on-one with a knowledgeable lawyer.