Business and Commercial Disputes

Personal Attention and Legal Representation for Tampa Bay Area Businesses

Attorney Abraham Shakfeh has helped numerous clients resolve commercial disputes throughout the state of Florida. With personal attention and a sharp eye for detail, Abraham provides clients with a level of service not usually found at other business litigation firms, both large and small. Regardless of the scope or complexity of your business dispute, Shakfeh Law can provide you with sound legal counsel, help you build your case, and negotiate on your behalf both privately and in court.

Types of Business Disputes

A commercial dispute can occur between two different businesses or within a company internally. Common types of disputes that occur between different businesses can include cases in which a business insurer refuses to pay a company’s claim. Another common situation occurs when a company agrees to buy another company and one party provides false information or withholds information during the acquisition process.

Frequently disputes occur within a single company. For example, if an executive within the business violates their employment contract to go work for a direct competitor, the owners may have a legal case against that executive. Disputes can also occur when shareholders within a business wish to dissolve a corporation in order to receive their share of the company’s worth.

Turn to the Guidance of an Experienced Lawyer

However your business dispute manifests, consider turning to Shakfeh Law, Ltd. for a professional assessment of your case and assistance resolving your conflict as quickly and effectively as possible. Attorney Abraham Shakfeh has years of experience working with both small and large businesses embroiled in external and internal disputes.

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