Illinois Business Law Attorney

Enforcing the Rights of Business Owners in the Chicagoland Area

Whether you’re forming a new business or simply need new representation for an established corporation, attorney Danya Shakfeh can provide you with all of the knowledge and resources that you will need to run your company in accordance with Illinois business law and state regulations. Attorney Shakfeh has helped countless businesses throughout the state form new contracts, litigate against competitors and vendors, and better succeed as a company by fully understanding the laws that bind and support them.

The types of business related cases overseen by Shakfeh Law’s Illinois office include:

Contract Services – A great deal of doing business is ensuring that you have the right contracts in place. A knowledgeable attorney can help ensure that all of your business contracts are legal and comprehensive. Attorney Danya Shakfeh can help draft a full range of business agreements including vendor/subcontractor contracts, employee contracts, and partnership contracts. Attorney Shakfeh can also review contracts that you already have in place to close any loopholes and help ensure that your contracts will be enforceable in a court of law.

Corporate Formation – Before you get started with your new business venture, make sure that your partnership agreements are in order by working with Shakfeh Law. Attorney Danya Shakfeh has advised numerous businesses regarding the most beneficial ways to set up their company. For example, Shakfeh Law can help you determine whether incorporation or the path of limited liability companies would be best for your individual situation. Attorney Shakfeh can also help you complete the process of becoming a legally and reputably established business.

Business Litigation – If you’re faced with shareholder disputes, accusations of a breach of fiduciary duty, or if you’re in a contract dispute with another corporation, attorney Danya Shakfeh can provide you with reliable legal counsel. Attorney Shakfeh is well experienced at litigating on behalf of businesses and coming to quick, effective resolutions whenever possible. If you’re faced with a business dispute, Shakfeh Law will work tirelessly to ensure that your business is represented fairly and professionally and that your best interests are closely looked after.

Business Restraining Orders and Injunctions – Often people pursue legal matters not to gain money, but peace of mind and to prevent future damage. If a business is unethically competing against you, attorney Danya Shakfeh can help you obtain a restraining order or an injunction to help correct the situation.

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