Business Disputes Lawyers

Protect Your Best Interests with Professional Legal Counsel

The attorneys at Shakfeh Law, Ltd. provide sound legal counsel and representation for business disputes of all types. Whether your business is comprised of three people or does millions of dollars in sales annually, the business dispute lawyers at Shakfeh Law can give your case the personal attention and professionalism that it deserves.

When you hire a business disputes attorney, such as Danya Shakfeh, you can be sure that your case will be argued respectively but aggressively. Types of business disputes frequently handled by the Illinois branch include:

Business Contract Disputes – When a business partner or vendor breaches a contract, resolving the issue can be a stressful, time wasting nightmare. By retaining attorney Danya Shakfeh, you can save yourself the headache and resolve your contract disputes quickly and effectively.

Business Fraud – If a business partner or shareholder has acted unlawfully, Shakfeh Law can help you pursue appropriate legal measures to right the injustice that has been done to your company.

Unfair Competition – If another business has engaged in unethical business practices that have hurt your company, you may have grounds to pursue legal restitution. These cases can have an effect on a company’s current bottom line as well as future income and are therefore important to resolve as soon as possible. Shakfeh Law can help you take appropriate legal measures, such as obtaining a business restraining order, so that you remain protected throughout the duration of your case.

Internal Business Disputes – If you’ve entered into murky water with your business partners regarding major decisions to be made within your business, it may behoove you to retain counsel to help negotiate the situation. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a new business or selling the business that you have, attorney Danya Shakfeh can help you and your partners resolve the matter judiciously. Shakfeh Law also handles cases involving breach of fiduciary duty and breach of loyalty for its business clients.

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Whatever issues your business dispute may involve, contact Shakfeh Law today to discuss your case and concerns with an experienced attorney. During your personal consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to speak directly with attorney Danya Shakfeh and obtain the legal guidance that you need in order to protect your best interests.

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