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Business Litigation and Consumer Rights Law Firm

Proudly Serving Clients in the Chicagoland and Tampa Bay Areas

Shakfeh Law LLC is a boutique firm offering personal service to individuals and businesses in need of legal counsel. Shakfeh Law is owned and run by sibling business litigation lawyers Danya Shakfeh and Abraham Shakfeh. As a multi-service law firm, the attorneys at Shakfeh Law can assist you with such matters as:

  • Civil litigation and disputes
  • Contract review
  • Illinois and Florida consumer rights protection
  • Landlord/tenant disputes and evictions
  • Debtor’s rights
  • Business law

Affordable Legal Representation and Advocacy

Whatever your legal needs may be, the attorneys at Shakfeh Law can provide you with a personal consultation, address your questions, and let you know if you have a strong legal case. With personal attention to detail, the firm’s attorneys work directly with clients to help them understand and protect their rights under the law.

Whether you’re a single mother whose been illegally evicted or the representative of a multi-million dollar business in need of an Illinois business attorney, Shakfeh Law will listen to your side of the story, present you with sound legal advice, and provide you with professional representation throughout the duration of your case.

When you come into Shakfeh Law, you won’t be treated like a case number. Instead, you’ll receive the personal attention that you deserve. Few other firms offer the same level of client focused service and attention to detail as Shakfeh Law, Ltd.

Work Directly with a Lawyer Dedicated to You and Your Case

Take the opportunity to speak one-on-one with an experienced attorney who will serve as your dedicated legal advocate and provide you with the insight you need to protect your rights.

Simply call (630) 517-5529 to schedule a consultation at our Illinois office or call (813) 228-0101 to make an appointment at our Florida office. You can also have Shakfeh Law contact you by sending your information through our quick and easy form. A friendly staff member will get back to you promptly to arrange a meeting with one of our lawyers and begin the process of developing your case.